trinergy cube
TRINERGY CUBE 150KW-3.4MWApril 13, 2017
OMNI VS 1500VAApril 18, 2017

AVRX 550-750VA


Tripp Lite’s AVRX 550-750 Ultra-Compact Line Interactive UPS offers complete power protection for desktop PCs, network workstations and a wide variety of professional and consumer electronic devices. Automatic Voltage Regulation / AVR power conditioning maintains smooth, continuous operation of connected equipment during brownouts and overvoltages. Surge-only outlets offer convenient protection for printers and other desktop accessories not requiring battery support. AC and dataline surge suppression prevents connected equipment damage. USB communications port supports built-in power management and auto-shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X or full featured monitoring and data-saving auto-shutdown options using Tripp Lite’s free PowerAlert monitoring software.

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