February 9, 2018
EXS 10-40kVA
November 26, 2018

AFC Series


Liebert AFC Series, Adiabatic Freecooling Chillers
Liebert AFC combines the outstanding levels of energy efficiency allowed by freecooling together with the endless availability guaranteed by the compressor back up (available both with multi-scroll or screw compressors) and the highly efficient adiabatic wet pad system. The latter humidifies the air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, consequently increasing freecooling operation. The unit is thus designed to guarantee 100% cooling availability even under the most critical conditions.

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  • Liebert HPC-W, Water-Cooled Chillers. HPC-W is a water-cooled chiller (600-2100kW) with fixed-speed screw compressors. The different sound emission versions offer the possibility to choose standard or unrivalled low noise level.
  • Modern DataCenters require very high levels of energy efficiency with constant availability of servers. The HPC-S Adiabatic water coolers fully meet the above requirements, providing a high-level cold water solution, ideal for any Data Center application. With a cooling capacity of 170-400kW, the HPC-S Adiabatic Chillers are designed to provide 100% cooling availability even at the highest outdoor temperatures. They are dual refrigeration circuit coolers equipped with scroll compressors in a tandem arrangement suitable for R410A refrigerant and a plate type evaporator.
  • Liebert EFC, Evaporative Freecooling Solution. The system includes indirect air-to-air heat exchange and evaporative cooling technology all in one footprint. The Liebert EFC is capable of reducing air temperatures by leveraging on the evaporative cooling principle. Through this technology, the Liebert EFC can thus achieve pPUE levels of 1.03 ensuring top energy efficiency, as well as minimized operating costs.