CP 60Z
CP-60ZJuly 6, 2017
XP 90Z
XP-90ZJuly 6, 2017



Chloride FP60Z AC UPS
The Chloride FP60Z Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a true industrial UPS system offering a full-IGBT innovative design and embedding all the latest technologies. The Chloride FP60Z features a wide input voltage tolerance, which makes the system compatible with the harshest industrial power grids.

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  • CP-60Z
    Chloride CP60Z AC UPS CP-60Z from VERTIV offered by NIGICO is an AC UPS designed for heavy duty industries. It offers high levels of flexibility and efficiency and reduced operational costs.
  • CP-70Z
    Chloride CP70Z AC UPS AC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed for heavy-duty industries offer full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations and options. These systems combine conservative design topology (SCR/IGBT) with proven digital control technology to provide high reliability and best performance in any electrical and environmental conditions.
  • XP-90Z
    Chloride XP-90Z Increased Safety AC UPS System XP series can be designed according to your requirements for operating even in a adverse environment, as it is manufactured according to the ATEX/IECex standards.​​