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NRG PRO Tower 1-10KVAApril 7, 2017
GXT3 10kVAApril 13, 2017

GXT5 750VA-20kVA


The Viertiv Liebert GXT5 ™ 750VA-20kVA is a true on-line UPS, which provides uninterrupted supply of high quality AC. Protects your equipment from power fluctuations, surges and electronic noise.

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  • GXT3 10kVA
    Liebert GXT3 10kVA tower is a network UPS available in two different 10 kVA versions. As features, it has integrated maintenance bypass, compact tower design, as well as optional extended battery runtime.
  • NRG PRO RT 1-10KVA pf=1
    NRG PRO RT 1-10KVA pf=1 Series, with On Line Double Conversion technology, covers a wide power range, while incorporating a reliable design with versatility and excellent technical features. The NRG PRO RT range covers even the most demanding applications because it combines maximum performance, ability to be place as Tower or in a Rack, power factor (p.f.) 1,0 in the range up to 3kVA and economical operation.  
  • SUINT 1-10kVA
    UPS SUINT from TRIPPLITE offers complete protection with On Line Double conversion technology. It has a pioneering design that enables its use as tower or on a rack. It has extended autonomy capability, 6 output protections and built in serial and SNMP ports.